An Energy Update

You guys may remember my mentioning that things we settled on or tolerated leading up to 2018 can no longer be settled for or tolerated in 2019? This includes relationships, jobs, lifestyles you might not like but think won't get better. By the eclipses coming up in July, you will be getting those things sorted and seeing things you really enjoy, beginning to manifest. For some, there are signs showing now that things are changing in your favor like a relationship ending, leaving a job you don't love, or something big in your life shifting. The end of July will be life changing for many. You will recognize the areas I am talking about in your life as any area that feels forced or the old ways of doing things are no longer working for you. If you need clarity on these things, intuitive sessions are great for that. Many of us have timelines and destinations we are meant to be on before this fall.