The Agenda Is Revealed

People always reveal who they really are. Someone just admitted on their video they use black magic when they promote themselves as working with angels. Angels assist all of us, but working with them to deliver messages is a whole other thing. Please use your discernment. This was a rather large channel revealing their true agenda. If you listen, you will always know who is on the path of Light because those who are not have to reveal themselves. This is Universal Law. So many want to be a spiritual advisor but can't embody that while chasing fame. Choose your advisors wisely. You'll figure it out. You watching this are way more enlightened than most. The wolf in sheep's clothing will be more active than you've seen in a long time later this year. Have no fear, you are soul led and we will touch on this a bit in the June Energy Update.

And it doesn’t have to play out as us vs them behavior. As long as you are standing in the Light (best if you can do so confidently, but without judgement), those who are not will flee. Find your place of neutrality. It is your place of power.