There Are Teachers At Every Level For Your Choosing

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There are teachers at every level like there are students at every level. Whatever you want to learn is available to you. Whatever you want to experience is available to you you. Some teach from their wounds as if it's Universal truth and those attracted are those with similar wounding. Those with deep programming are attracting others who resonate with that. There are teachers available for those waking currently from this state. It's all soul led and you have much more control than you might think about what lessons or experiences you have. And remember, someone acting from a wounded place will expect you to do the same. You get to choose how or if you engage. Not all can see the truth yet, but for those who can see it for what it is always head back to the truth telling teachers. Don't try to shift their point of view, sometimes the wounded state is where they need to be. But you don't have to stay there. Know this. Your higher self and I AM Presence are guiding you and many of you are allowing more than ever your God Presence to guide you. This all leads up to the next step of our collection evolutionary timeline set to shift this summer. One last thing...the number of followers or subscribers a person has does not make them a spiritual teacher. All it reveals is the number of people resonating with a person's message or agenda, not how accurate they are. Not all paths are of the Light. More to come in the June Energy Update.

InLight, Theresa