An Update on Current Energies

lady nada.jpg

The BEings of Light refer to this month as a month of miracles. Of huge shifts that prepare us for a higher destiny that some of the new earth are walking into. The human side may perceive things as being intense. People who are uncomfortable with the emotional depths that the approaching full moon in scorpio energy is already bringing might be accusatory, rude, or even aggressive. Some saw this on Saturday. A few perhaps today. Stick to those who are of a high vibe. Those who know themselves well will not be bothered as much by this behavior and see it for what it is, especially those who have a scorpio sun moon or rising will see it for what it is. This might play out as people trying to out one another and possibly seeing things through an inaccurate lens or outting for reasons that are unfounded or in an inaccurate way especially by those not dealing with their inner shadows. It's way easier to accuse someone else than look at yourself. Unless you are a scorpio. Also, some will be accurately accused and secrets will come out that the collective was not willing to dive deep enough to look at before now. If you ask a scorpio, they knew these things already. They're good people to have as friends. Also, prepare for things to come out like child abuse and many many break ups. Don't worry, it's only things that need to come out or break ups that needed to happen so your positive future can unfold. My scorpio friends love this time of year because it's kind of entertaining to them to see others try to deal with energies scorpio deals with daily. It's not for the faint of heart. Center. Get a healing and stay with your positive peeps. I mentioned in the earlier energy updates this year that integrity is paramount to move into the higher realms. Accountability for some begins now and for some who haven't been in their integrity, they might try to pawn it off on someone else. Just breathe. Luckily here on Kauai we get in the water daily and let the ocean cleanse us. Salt water ocean dips and epsom salt baths are underrated. Oh you'll see this trend increase until about the 18th. Then it starts to taper off. And perhaps you thought the back to back libra full moons were intense... More so this week though abundance is increasing for many and luckily we have the Taurus energies to help keep things stable as well.

An additional message from Spirit:

It's important to not use current energies as an excuse to be cruel to another. If anger or an intense emotion is coming up, deal with it internally. Get help. Also, accept that others can't deal with the intensity well and might act out. The violet flame and forgiveness as well as the peace of the 6th ray will be of great assistance to you. I have world healing group calls if you are interested.

The image above is infused with the love of 6th Ray Ascended Master Lady Nada.