Value and Being Awakened

Sometimes people ask why psychics are more expensive to get a reading from than a card reader. In a psychic reading, it doesn't take 25 minutes to answer one question like a lot of card readings can take (which don't require psychic gifts). I love my card readers and they are great, but if you ask why the price difference, it's about psychic gifts that have been developed, time you want to spend asking other questions, accuracy and whether you value these things. If a reader adds healing to the session, of course the cost is higher as well. If you work with a psychic who can answer questions within 25 minutes what you normally would in an hour long psychic reading, then the price will be even higher. You get what you pay for.

To someone who sees and understands value, you won't have to explain these things.

Same goes for someone who teaches you to properly manifest your future vs always having someone read your future and keeps you in that loop of paying them vs learning your own tools. This lifetime for the mass collective is about learning the tools and true empowerment ( a blue ray theme.) Do you want a teacher or to stay asleep? Some are more asleep than they realize and there is an agenda out there to keep you that way meanwhile having you think you are awakened. This upcoming eclipse season is going to help shift that for those who truly want it.

Some have become spiritually lazy and it is concerning for many teachers who see it. Spirituality has become a trend rather than a pathway to developing your relationship with God and there are people with fame and no ability to properly lead. It’s part of the problem. Spirituality in it’s true form requires discipline.