The Lost Skill of Compassion & The Fine Art of Listening

The art of compassion is a lost art for many. So too is the skill of listening. If your first reaction is to analyze and offer advice rather than listen with love, you have a lot of work to do. Especially if you call this helping. There are reasons why there are professionals who can hold space during sacred times offering guidance gained through psychic insight when requested by a client. It is not your job to fix the people listening to you, to judge them, or to secretly pull cards on their situation without asking. That is a codependent trait, and offering advice without permission is highly undermining. It is your subconscious belief that the person you are listening to cannot resolve their own situation. Everyone is soul led. Even those that seem lost. Leave the therapy to the professionals. Until then, your only job is to listen and to love. Not to pretend or hold back advice, but to truly love the person who has chosen you to listen. That in itself is a sacred act and highly underrated skill.

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