Today's New Moon In Virgo


Today is a new moon in Virgo. This new moon is a special one and lucky because the energy of Virgo being present is a real bonus. That energy grounds the new inspirations you are receiving. What that means is that there are new inspirations arriving and they can manifest more efficiently and more realistically because it is grounded in Virgo. Think foundations. Think realism, rather than fantasy. There have been times earlier this year when we received downloads of ideas and inspirational content and wanted to act on them, but the grounded energy wasn’t present so the ideas never really got off the ground. This energy is different and that is good news for many. This is a great time for starting something new. You are different form all of the changes of the summer and the DNA upgrades we received in July and integrated in August. If you have an idea and you’re passionate about it, now is the time to tell others and to start it. I’ll talk more about how this energy affects relationships in the September 2019 Energy Update video on YouTube. Stay tuned.