Welcome to the 8:8 Lion's Gate

lions gate - artistunknown.png

Today is the peak of the 8:8 Lon's Gate energy opening. This is the perfect day for connecting and gathering with others and the lifting of your frequency via DNA upgrades and anchoring in new Light Codes.

This is the pathway of the cobalt Blue Ray of Light from Source via Sirius and the Orion constellation entering into our solar system via our Sun. There is a connection to Lyrans with this portal. Indigos traveled here via this portal to incarnate on earth.

This is the highest vibrational Light event of 2019. This energy is special this year because it aligns with Jupiter and Venus bringing with it shifts in the heart and introduces more ability to let go of the old and bring in the new. This allows you to anchor in more compassion, forgiveness, authenticity, love, and to be sensitive while strong at the same time. Abundance and prosperity increase for many now. Many will find new love connections during and after this time. Romance increases. There is a freedom to do the things we really desire now because the eclipses of July shifted out a lot of old karmic patterns and ancestral myasms.

This is one of the greatest energy shifts of the year. My monthly Energy UPdates on YouTube have alluded to this event. There is nothing you have to do to receive these higher vibrations. Simply intend and allow.

8 is the number of the month of August and the number of 2 cards of the day in my Instagram stories. The number 8 creates flow and balance. Flow between polarities are free now. Release of duality. Balance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, Divine Will reigns now. This flow includes unification in love and divine union. Surrendering control allows the flow. (There is a spray for this.) This includes flow of Light and your life force. Test the waters of newness. This energy is very expansive and you balance it with flexibility, flow, and grace.

How are you experiencing this energy today? This connection is always with you. You have cleared and healed so much recently so you can anchor in this new Light now.

PS The August Energy Update is now live on YouTube.

Lots of Love to you!