A Spirit Named Brad

b rad foundation.jpg

So it's always interesting being intuitive. One gift that seems to be expanding at the moment is mediumship. Lately it's seeing babies still with the mothers of those that had miscarriages, some years before. A couple days ago I was in a shop mailing off some Sprays of Light and I was being shown images of her being very pregnant. I normally keep messages to myself unless asked but this seemed pressing. I asked the woman if she had a baby recently and she no, looking slightly confused. I kept being shown by this baby this woman holding her in her arms. We start talking and as it turns out, she lost a child. I didn't pry. I love having my own privacy respected so I was really taking a risk on asking her if she had lost a baby. I didn't ask whether she gave both or not, but given the size of her stomach, I knew birth was involved. The baby wanted to let her know that they are with her still. Mamas, your babies stay with you and they often want you to know that they are.

Later in the afternoon, I was on the way up to Kilauea to check my PO Box, I had a massive headache and stomach ache which I knew was not mine and belonged to a spirit who I asked to come forward. Sometimes they have messages and then I usually cross them over if they haven't already or I ask them to go away. A handsome man, quite fit appeared in the front seat and was going on about meeting his divine counterpart shortly before his passing. He showed me images of rock climbing too and the desert. He was interesting so I let him stick around. He asked to ride with me to Kilauea. I said sure as long as he turned down the falling feeling, the head, and stomach ache vibes.

After I check my mail, he asked me to stop in the local yoga studio and he came in with me. I brought my biz cards with me and at the entrance he said...please remove your shoes. Pretty common for Hawaii. The lady in the store was really nice and said ahhh thanks for removing your shoes. I said sure and I joked about how I am glad we got off on the right foot (angel humor.) I looked up and saw my friend's oracle cards that were my first deck from back in NC. And I smiled. Got to talking to the lady who is interested in group healing and teachings about the Rays of Light and creation symbology from ancient times. Perfect. I was just looking to get started up north with group work.

She mentions her friend Brad and this spirit who was with me started smiling. I put two and two together when I look on this shelf and see a framed image of this spirit and a sign that says B Rad Foundation. She shares the story of his life, how she was friends with him, and how he had just proposed to his counterpart on an earlier climb that day. He sadly had fallen to his death on their second free climb of the day, and he showed me what that felt like. I try to explain to spirits that I don't need to feel that, thank you, but some insist for the sake of impact (more ironic humor from Brad.) This guy was so cheerful to be around.

His counterpart went on to create this fabulous organization called the B-Rad Foundation. Maybe you've hard of it? (Please consider donating.) He wanted this friend of his I was speak to and his counterpart to know that he was ok and that he enjoyed the creations in his name. It's amazing the ways they want us to know they are ok and that they are with us. They just want us to know we are loved and they comfort us so often.

Turns out there was a beach clean up in Brad's name today and he wants you guys to know that he is with you at each of your events. <3

These spiritual encounters are kinda fun and always interesting. It is an absolute privilege to bring comfort to others.

InLight, Theresa