New Financial Cycles

angel of financial blessing.jpg

Just about a week ago now a new 12 month cycle for finances and prosperity began. Have you felt the effects of that yet? For some, the shift began right about a month ago today. Can you relate?

If not, consider this post a blessing in the form of financial abundance. As I post this, I remember...there is an Abundance spray on my website. People have reported winning the lottery after using it.

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A Dream Came True

retail 1.jpg

Yup, that's a happy face!

So...a thing happened yesterday that Im really excited about. My Sprays of Light are in their first retail location here on Kauai! It's a dream come true for me. It was a really brave moment to explore this...and I'm really proud of myself for doing so. If you're in Kapa'a town, check them out at Rhiannon's Kauai Spirit Metaphysical Store. There's tester sprays you can use...and they have lots of other unique gifts. 

They currently are carrying the following Sprays of Light:
Cleanse & Shield
Dolphins, Whales & Mermaids
Violet Flame

Be sure to ask Rob about his customized smudge blend. It's heavenly and I use it for all of my space clearings along with my Cleanse and Shield spray. Lots of love to you guys! And thank you Rob for everything!

In Light, Theresa

PS If you'd like to read more about my auric sprays, click here.

Unexpected Seeds of Opportunity

Angels like to speak in metaphors and puns. They also like to see you smile. Earlier this week my kitchen sink had an issue and I ended up having to use a different sink to wash my smoothie container. My smoothies sometimes contain organic chia seeds. This morning I saw what looked like dental floss in a really unexpected place. My alternate sink. Chia seed sprouts (not dental floss lol.) Cute little happy things. They were like...Hi, we're here. Can you see us? We're here to make you smile.

It was quite the unexpected sight and one that made me giggle. The Angels of course had a message that went with it about seeds of manifestation and how things sometimes grow out of the most unlikely of places, even ones when we think would otherwise definitely be impossible. I mean who grows food from their sink? Apparently I did. It may seem gross to you (and no I did not eat the cute little sprouts), but it's about opportunities coming out of unlikely places, even the places where you have doubts. These up coming opportunities will be sweet and make you smile.

Here's to your seeds of opportunity, especially ones out of the most unlikely of places that make you smile.

In Light, Theresa