Bringer of the Rays of Light

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I wasn't anyways a fan of my name. My sisters were named after Archangels of the Blue and Yellow Rays of Light, the same colors their souls are from. It wasn't until some time ago when I sat down with my spiritual team and asked why I chose that name. What they told me was really fascinating. For those that don't know, children often guide their parents in the name chosen for them because each word carries a frequency. Thankfully, my mother listened.

In each lifetime, I am born with the wisdom of creation, the history of universes, how humanity was formed. This is the sacred wisdom of The Rays Of Light. Source Energy. How to use it and how to help others heal with it. It's sacred wisdom is very protected and only shared with those ready for it. The Melchezedeks carry this wisdom from birth as well. There's about 100 of us incarnated right now with this wisdom at this time.

My name is THERESA (pronounced Tah•Rey•Sah.) It is Light Language and means BRINGER OF THE RAYS OF LIGHT.

Mom, you nailed it. 💗

Photo: Elizabeth Gadd

Healing With The Angels

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Archangel Raphael of the 5th Ray of Light (the Emerald Green Ray) assisting during a self healing meditation. He also works with you like this when you attend an Attunement With The Masters session. Consider calling on Archangel Raphael during your next meditation. He shows up with someone I know when he surfs. Surfing counts as meditation, right? It sure does, if you ask me.

If you’d like to learn how to heal yourself during meditation and to work with the Angels and Beings of Light, please get in touch.

InLight, Theresa

The 99 Portal Energies

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September 9th is the 9/9 portal. It occurs every year on this date.

99 is an Angel Number meaning I AM One with the Universe.

The energies from the 9th dimension and beyond are now flowing onto the planet (even if its the 10th where you are), showering you with the Magenta Ray of Light from Source. This Light provides the supportive qualities of balance and harmony in multiple ways in your life and for many this is translating through career and relationships. Yes, you will eventually stop revisiting relationships from your past. For some of you, that ended yesterday. The energies support your moving forward. 

This ascension art image above depicts the energies of the 99 gateway/portal. 

I had created a video on the meaning of this gateway, but it just didn't feel right to post it. Sometimes ya just gotta go with your gut. 

If you'd like to make more of this energy, try adding some magenta clothing, bedding, or a bath towel into your life. 

InLight, Theresa

The Light Body

This is the Light Body, fully activated during an Attunement. Known as the merkaba by some and the 12D Shield by others. It is sacred geometry in action. Archangel Metatron is present with the Rainbow Ray of Light (the 12th Ray) and the meditator is using the merkaba for healing and consciousness transport. It creates out of this world experiences and anyone can learn to use it.

See that webbing below the person in mediation? That's the karmic matrix...and yes you really can rise above it. 

Artist unknown

Would you like to meet your personal Guardian Angel & Spiritual Guides?

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Have you ever wanted to meet your personal Guardian Angel and Spiritual Team of Guides? What about the Ascended Masters and others assisting you on your path?

Many intuitives, psychics, and mediums can tune in and deliver messages for you. But what about joining in on an experience that allows you to meet them yourself? Wanna learn more about how spiritual guides work and how long a guardian angel is with you? Do they take naps? (Angel humor.)

Would you like to listen to messages they have for you? Maybe curious what they look like? THIS SUNDAY'S Attunements with the Masters is centered around just that. You will be placed in a meditative state so you can sense them and go on an adventure with them. No worries. We all have psychic gifts and no matter where you are with yours, you can participate. 

Oh! We also go over what kinds of guides there are and how they assist you! Wanna know signs that they are around you? We go over that too.

Ready to sign up? CLICK HERE

I'll let you in on a little secret...For those who purchase 30 Days of Light, 4 Attunements With The Masters sessions are included. It will also be available for purchase on Vimeo.

InLight, Theresa

Message From Sanat Kumara

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The still point is where from all things flow. - Sanat Kumara

Attunements With The Masters is this Sunday. We're downloading higher dimensional templates and recalibrating to the original way of BEing.

Learn more here. Would love to have you.

For those who purchase 30 Days of Light, 4 Attunement With The Masters Sessions are included.

InLight, Theresa