The Merkaba

the light body.jpg

This is your light body when activated. Some call it the merkaba or your light vehicle. It is used in all of my Light Therapy sessions and during Attunements With The Masters. Maybe you already use it in your meditations?

You may recognize the Star of David here (a metaphysical reference to the merkaba). There's also the toroidal field of the heart that looks like an apple that surrounds the body. It typically is spinning in a counter clockwise motion. Sometimes it makes an appearance in photography, too.

You travel in your Light Body and it can be used as a heal modality. Metatron often assists in it's activation. It is part of the 12D shield technique and also can be used for protection of you and your home. During the Santa Ana fires a few years back, it protected a client's home from being consumed by flames. There was a perfect circle around her home where the flames ended their approach.

In case you ever wanted to see what your merkaba looks like, this is it.

Image belongs to Meg Benedicte

Healing With The Angels

gabriel offering healing.jpg

Archangel Raphael of the 5th Ray of Light (the Emerald Green Ray) assisting during a self healing meditation. He also works with you like this when you attend an Attunement With The Masters session. Consider calling on Archangel Raphael during your next meditation. He shows up with someone I know when he surfs. Surfing counts as meditation, right? It sure does, if you ask me.

If you’d like to learn how to heal yourself during meditation and to work with the Angels and Beings of Light, please get in touch.

InLight, Theresa