The Divine Mother

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"Harshness is the absence of the Divine Mother." - Mother Mary

For those needing support in healing the ancestral voice of the inner critic within, get the Divine Mother Spray of Light. It's a miracle worker for mothers, daughters, and those who wish to be held in the arms of the Divine Mother.

It pairs well with the Allowance Spray. So many women are doing their work right now. Let these sprays support you.

Men benefit from this spray too.

Purchase yours here.

Healing With The Angels

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Archangel Raphael of the 5th Ray of Light (the Emerald Green Ray) assisting during a self healing meditation. He also works with you like this when you attend an Attunement With The Masters session. Consider calling on Archangel Raphael during your next meditation. He shows up with someone I know when he surfs. Surfing counts as meditation, right? It sure does, if you ask me.

If you’d like to learn how to heal yourself during meditation and to work with the Angels and Beings of Light, please get in touch.

InLight, Theresa