Are You Reacting or Creating?

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Spirit posed this question recently, because many are reacting more than creating with recent energies. Reacting happens when you’re not actively creating in your life. Life is a series of choices. One of my favorite ways to create is using visualization.

When I was in cross country in high school, the BEings of Light suggested I teach the team a visualization meditation. We would all gather by laying on the floor of our locker room or sometimes out on the track and we would meditate together. I would have the coach time our visualizations. We would choose our favorite tracks from past cross country meets and visualize the race. Thankfully my coach was open minded enough to try it. Miraculously, most of us ended up with shorter race times, some as much as two minutes (which is lot with running races.) It became a regular practice for our team and before you knew it, the other sports teams were using it. This was in the 90s when it was really a new idea to incorporate spiritual practices.

This week, I was reminded to get back into the art of visualization and how empowering it can be to have it change your day, your goals, and most certainly manifestation. If you have a pattern you would like to change, try envisioning it being different. If you need help with this area, book a session with me. It’s really empowering stuff. I’m so grateful too that major sports also embrace this form of meditation now. It’s really life changing and I get so excited when I see major sports displaying it on their social media. But, you can use it for literally anything you want to experience in life.

InLight, Theresa

The Light Body

This is the Light Body, fully activated during an Attunement. Known as the merkaba by some and the 12D Shield by others. It is sacred geometry in action. Archangel Metatron is present with the Rainbow Ray of Light (the 12th Ray) and the meditator is using the merkaba for healing and consciousness transport. It creates out of this world experiences and anyone can learn to use it.

See that webbing below the person in mediation? That's the karmic matrix...and yes you really can rise above it. 

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