Christopher Columbus and Saint Germain

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(Saint Germain asked me to share some things with you. This post is potentially upsetting for some, as truth sometimes is.)

Today is Columbus Day in the United States and it's something I have always felt fondly about not really knowing why until a few years ago when Saint Germain stepped forward and let me know what that was about. You guys know I work with Ascended Masters and the Angels.This holiday also begins the week of my birthday. For the Beings of Light, this day marks the celebration of the birth of the new earth. The landfall event is what made the reconciliation of certain soul pairings possible, which is associated with the ascension of the planet.

In the lifetime prior to being Christopher Columbus, he was Roger Bacon, who through the use of astronomy knew that the lands west of Spain were not India, but somewhere new. No coincidences there.

In the past few years, more people have spoken up about not approving of such a holiday that celebrates Christopher Columbus due to how the Native Americans were treated years after arrival to the mainland. Saint Germain does mention that some of the stories are a bit off, but that is a story for another time. 

Something you might be interested in knowing is that one of Saint Germain's lifetimes (he's the ascended master / chohan of the 7th Ray of Light - the Violet Flame), he was incarnated as Christopher Columbus. He arrived in North America knowing that the United States would be the leader of the free world (although it might not look like it right now...I've done videos on the point of view of the Beings of Light since 2016.

Christopher Columbus was a visionary of the free world...and those are the words of the Beings of Light and the Akashic Records. My family created the Monroe Doctrine and the creation of the first American flag.

Saint Germain was also incarnated as Shakespeare, whose writings hold multiple encodings.

If you'd like to know more about the story of Saint Germain, lemme know and I will create a video for you.

Happy New Earth and Ascension to you. There’s always a higher perspective.

Lots of Love - Theresa