Bringer of the Rays of Light

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I wasn't anyways a fan of my name. My sisters were named after Archangels of the Blue and Yellow Rays of Light, the same colors their souls are from. It wasn't until some time ago when I sat down with my spiritual team and asked why I chose that name. What they told me was really fascinating. For those that don't know, children often guide their parents in the name chosen for them because each word carries a frequency. Thankfully, my mother listened.

In each lifetime, I am born with the wisdom of creation, the history of universes, how humanity was formed. This is the sacred wisdom of The Rays Of Light. Source Energy. How to use it and how to help others heal with it. It's sacred wisdom is very protected and only shared with those ready for it. The Melchezedeks carry this wisdom from birth as well. There's about 100 of us incarnated right now with this wisdom at this time.

My name is THERESA (pronounced Tah•Rey•Sah.) It is Light Language and means BRINGER OF THE RAYS OF LIGHT.

Mom, you nailed it. 💗

Photo: Elizabeth Gadd

New Financial Cycles

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Just about a week ago now a new 12 month cycle for finances and prosperity began. Have you felt the effects of that yet? For some, the shift began right about a month ago today. Can you relate?

If not, consider this post a blessing in the form of financial abundance. As I post this, I remember...there is an Abundance spray on my website. People have reported winning the lottery after using it.

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A Dream Came True

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Yup, that's a happy face!

So...a thing happened yesterday that Im really excited about. My Sprays of Light are in their first retail location here on Kauai! It's a dream come true for me. It was a really brave moment to explore this...and I'm really proud of myself for doing so. If you're in Kapa'a town, check them out at Rhiannon's Kauai Spirit Metaphysical Store. There's tester sprays you can use...and they have lots of other unique gifts. 

They currently are carrying the following Sprays of Light:
Cleanse & Shield
Dolphins, Whales & Mermaids
Violet Flame

Be sure to ask Rob about his customized smudge blend. It's heavenly and I use it for all of my space clearings along with my Cleanse and Shield spray. Lots of love to you guys! And thank you Rob for everything!

In Light, Theresa

PS If you'd like to read more about my auric sprays, click here.