The Swords of Light

sword of michael.jpg

Did you know every Angel of the Light has a sword of light with them? Michael's is probably the most known. Each angel carries one and the color of sword represents the Ray of Light they are from.

Did you know that humans of Angelic Lineages also carry a sword? Ask Archangel Michael to show you in a dream or during meditation what your sword looks like. He tends to reach out to his own lineage and reminds them of their own sword and...he's reminding you that you're just as powerful as he is.

Have you seen your own sword of light? Was anything inscribed on it? Would love to hear about it if you have.

InLight, Theresa

PS Yes, you can use it to cut through BS too.

Boundaries - Attunements With The Masters

sword of michael.jpg

Did you know that very Archangel has a Sword of Light? The one here is a depiction of the one that belongs to Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael has many messages for you this week that we will deliver in this Sundays' weekly series called Attunements With The Masters. We're downloading higher dimensional templates and recalibrating to the original way of BEing HUman. This week focuses on Personal Sovereignty and Boundaries (energetic and otherwise.) This is a very important time for the Lightworkers of the world.

During the Attunement, the Beings of Light will bring you on a journey to heal your relationship with personal boundaries and to heal personal relationships with others by using them. They will give you the light codes and dna upgrades necessary to know what boundaries feel like and remember you have the power of personal choice to say no, without guilt or worry of how the other will react.

Learn more here. Would love to have you.

For those who purchase 30 Days of Light, 4 Attunement With The Masters Sessions are included.

InLight, Theresa