Bringer of the Rays of Light

bringer of the rays of light - elizabeth gadd.jpg

I wasn't anyways a fan of my name. My sisters were named after Archangels of the Blue and Yellow Rays of Light, the same colors their souls are from. It wasn't until some time ago when I sat down with my spiritual team and asked why I chose that name. What they told me was really fascinating. For those that don't know, children often guide their parents in the name chosen for them because each word carries a frequency. Thankfully, my mother listened.

In each lifetime, I am born with the wisdom of creation, the history of universes, how humanity was formed. This is the sacred wisdom of The Rays Of Light. Source Energy. How to use it and how to help others heal with it. It's sacred wisdom is very protected and only shared with those ready for it. The Melchezedeks carry this wisdom from birth as well. There's about 100 of us incarnated right now with this wisdom at this time.

My name is THERESA (pronounced Tah•Rey•Sah.) It is Light Language and means BRINGER OF THE RAYS OF LIGHT.

Mom, you nailed it. 💗

Photo: Elizabeth Gadd

Birds of a Feather

feather collection.jpg

So, feathers are my jam. I love to find them and usually take home whatever ones I find. Often they arrive after conversations I have with my guides and angels. Yesterday I found these two. The white one was on my window sill when I woke up and the smaller one I found in my hair and got to play with it in the air for a few minutes before putting it in my pocket.

If you look left, you will see one of my feather collections. Whenever I move to a new spot on the planet, they are first on the list to come with me. My crystal collection is a close second. Clothes of course are optional. 😁😘

Even intuitives and healers like me enjoy finding feathers as confirmation of Divine support in the physical. They are so light and fluffy. Yes, they do come from the wings of angels. Even if they didn't, they're still fun and make me light up. The white ones I always find indoors and given that no birds live inside with me, it's often to give more proof of support and confirmation of something I'm excited about or have asked for confirmation of.

Do you collect feathers? Would love to see pics of your feathers you find.

Lots of Love to you - Theresa