Quick Guidance By Zodiac Sign for October 2018

Intuitive Guidance for October 2018 by zodiac sign. Valid for sun, moon, and rising signs.

Aries - Persistence pays off.

Taurus - Give up the need to control. its not your fight. Let people live their lives the way they want to. You're not spiritually superior. Trust that others have internal guidance system just like you do.

Gemini - Take the chance you have been contemplating taking. Only you can stop the delay to your own happiness (hint: the doubts aren't real.) Everything will fall into place. Money also improving.

Cancer - Love brings transformation.

Leo - Leave the ex alone. Move on.

Virgo - A change in perspective allows you to find the diamond in the rough.
Libra - Light at the end of the tunnel is finally revealed. (And it's about damn time.) PS Happy Birthday.

Scorpio - Finances are about to improve, if they haven't already.

Sagittarius - Opportunity abounds.Have your bucket list ready.

Capricorn - Trust in your decisions.

Aquarius - Love them or leave them.

Pisces - Pay attention to your intuition if the past returns.

Lemme know if you like this format. Thought I might try something new. <3
InLight, Theresa