Go With The Flow

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Don't expect someone else to shut down their flow just because you do. (Empathically, that really is physically painful to pick up on by the way.) When you shut this down, you become ungrounded and your hara line constricts. So too do the chakras and then things stop manifesting properly and ya get cranky. You choosing to do this is your choice but expecting another to do so to try to keep from being triggered is not going to serve you in the long run. Don't get me started on men trying to shut women up. Have we not had enough of that yet?

You need to learn to keep your heart and connection with Source flowing. It's vital. It's your life force. It's what allows miracles to appear. The restriction of emotions is a huge source of disease in the body and mind. I won't get into how your energy field looks when you do it.

You can't keep shutting it down or your connection with another because youre uncomfortable with emotions and communication. That person triggering you is a gift and this is a time where review is vital, especially of relationships. Take advantage of it. Stop treating another's emotions like some virus you're afraid of catching.

You want to stop feeling the pain? Get a healing session with someone. This is a year where you cannot get away with ignoring your weak spots. And on a spiritual note, you contractually asked the person triggering you to show up. Try giving them a thank you instead of trying to shut them up next time.

You cannot stop your healing process, but you can delay it which is super uncomfortable. Stop trying to block pleasurable experiences because you're scared. You called this in. You asked for what has arrived.

On another note, don't try to share heart energy with someone if you don't plan to be their beloved. It's a violation of heart space and avoids dealing with the heart of the issue. Not sure what that issue is? Book a session.

It's all in how you handle fear. You don't wait until the fear is gone. You feel the fear and do it anyway. When you get used to working through fear in a new way, it becomes exciting. It rewires your ability to GROW.

Which is why you are here. Always speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

New Offering - Toroidal field disc

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New offering! Acrylic toroidal field discs for you to charge your Sprays of Light. They're ideal for your customized sprays (Swipe right.) They activate the heart chakra and keep it in a state of flow with Source energy. The heart chakra is the bridge between the spiritual and physical realm, as well as the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. Everything manifests more easily when the heart chakra is functioning well.

They also make great coasters that energize whatever you're drinking. If you'd like one, please get in touch.

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The Hanalei Farmer's Market

The view from today's market in Hanalei, at the edge of the sacred taro patch. We're here weekly from 9:30am until Noon. See the Events page for more details.


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February 2019 Ascension Energy Update


The YouTube version is full length informational (watch below). The VIMEO version provides healing from the Rays of Light while you watch (CLICK HERE).

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Dreams Really Do Come true


Happy new moon eclipse to you! Been talking about it all through my insta stories. Welcome to the manifestation portal...we're gathering in a few hours if you wanna join us. Come make your wishes today. DM me for more info.

It Starts With Acceptance


It starts with acceptance. The Spray of Light I recommend with this is The Allowance Spray. The link is in my bio to connect with it. This year you have to do the work that no one can do for you no matter how many people are around you. There are people who can guide you though. I am one of them. Looking very much so forward to 1:1 sessions this year guiding you in self care and how to do the work. It doesn't have to be hard.

InLight, Theresa

January 2019 Ascension Energy Update


This month's update is a little bit different form other months. Those who watched in November and December are familiar with the new version.

The YouTube version is full length informational (watch below). The VIMEO version provides healing from the Rays of Light while you watch (CLICK HERE).

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If you decide to watch both the YouTube and Vimeo videos, I'd love to hear what version you love most.



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The Rays of Light in Photographs

Sometimes photographs pick up things that the naked eye does not. Things you can see with the 3rd eye. This includes the Rays of Light and the presence of Beings of Light like the angels, ascended masters, and the elementals.

See the fuzziness in this photo? That's the Rays of Light this bottle is infused with showing up in the photograph. When you purchase a Spray of Light, you'll start to see things like angels arriving in your photos, too. Even better, you'll feel their presence and experience more miracles in your life.

If you have questions about the Sprays and which one is right for you, feel free to get in touch. I also make custom sprays. New webinars about the sprays are coming up super soon.

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Lots of Love, Theresa

The New Monthly Spray of Light

Each month we have astrological transits that bring opportunities for healing and more. To help you cope with these transits and changes, there is this Spray of Light. All of the Beings of Light are at your side to help you shift through the changes and feel more supported while doing so. It also brings in the Rays of Light for healing and added support. Each month the energy changes, so too do the sprays. Some moths they will be scented with a floral hydrosol and some months they will be unscented using restructured water. The recipe is channeled through Theresa by the Beings of Light.

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I’m really excited to explore providing these for you!

InLight, Theresa

Your Emotions Are A Gift

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“Sometimes there’s nothing to say, you just have to feel it.” - The Cancer Full Moon

Love is of course my favorite emotion to share with another human. So much of what we heal, is to let in room for more love to flow. Watching love flow between two humans is really beautiful things to watch in the energy field. It’s electric.

Your emotions are a gift. The depth of human emotion you are willing to feel determines the depth of human of experience you are willing to create. This also comes up in relationships right now, your partner and your friends have to be able to meet you at your level of emotion now.

Let me repeat…Your emotions are a gift. Some are as fearful of emotions are their are of death. Your emotions are a gift. They are part of what make you human and if you deny yourself the ability to heal as some societies have tried to repress as the feminine was repressed, you are denying a part of the human self.

In my healing work, most of what is stopped up in the energy bodies? Unprocessed emotions. The people hardest to be around for me? Those with clogged energy bodies who are out of control with their emotions. These are also the people who are most likely to steal your Light, or attempt to do so.

I get excited when the moon is in a water sign because part of me loves that humanity gets a chance collectively to feel things at another level. This one brought up career, fatherhood, having or creating a family, and truth being shared that perhaps touched base on all of these things.

My moon is in Scorpio. We feel things the most deeply out of all in the zodiac and when the new or full moon is in cancer (like it is right now) or scorpio which only happens a few times a year, I get excited. People get to FEEL.

Emotions. Emotional. Words that are often related to heavier emotions, sometimes called negative emotions. There’s also great love. The more you feel, the more your capacity to LOVE.

Which brings me to discuss the judgement of emotions. Which is judgement of being feminine and we all have the feminine within, in case you didn’t know about that part.

You cannot hide from your emotions, not this lifetime. A lot of things are also coming up form other lifetime to be healed. There’s a reason for that. Ascension. The integration of our souls into the human body. So, take care of your human body as well. There’s a trend for that right now and it’s not about infinite youthfulness, although movement does help keep one young.

It’s important to let go of your judgements around emotions and calling someone emotional or crazy for feeling emotions. It's one thing to feel something and to know how to handle it and also something else to be learning how to handle emotions. The ones feeling uncomfortable right now are those that haven't let themselves feel. It can be uncomfortable to be around those people for another reason and that is because their emotional bodies are full to the brim with trauma that went unprocessed. Notice a pattern here? A few times a year we get a chance as a collective to process things that were clogged for some and for the collective.

Yesterday I had a moment with a male friend that brought up a lot of intense emotion and I was not able to soothe his confusion or codependence, who demanded to hear me say I was ok so he could be ok. He's ok only when someone else is ok. I sat with my intense emotions in silence (moon in cancer energy) and let my self feel all of it in the presence of another and did not apologize for the discomfort my internal processing brought up for them. I sometimes cannot speak in those moments. This full moon showed my man friend that they don't have an easy time processing emotions. I am compassionate about that, and I reminded him that sometimes we gotta take care of ourselves first. When a man is fully in his masculine and can be a rock of unwavering stability, women can move through their emotions quite quickly and get back to joy pretty smoothly. First, the man has to be comfortable with emotions (emotions are a feminine trait), and watch her return to center. Sometimes we need space and silence to do so. When that is given, the storm often processes quickly, especially if one knows how to forgive.

Remember, your emotions are a gift. If you need help processing them, there are great people out there to help you learn how. First, try acceptance and doing so no matter what others thinks about it. This is different from projecting your emotions at another or being unruly and blaming it on being Italian. I’m talking about honoring yourself, how you feel and moving through them like waves in an ocean. Someone I know compares waves and the ocean to the emotions of a woman. He gets it.

In Light, Theresa