The Beings of Light Assisting You- A Monthly Group Session

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The Beings of Light Assisting You- A Monthly Group Session


Want to know what Beings of Light are assisting you and the messages they have for you?

Join us on the first Monday of every month for a group reading. Each person will receive a personal message. Check out the Events Page for the schedule. Or contact us.

Sometimes the Beings of Light like to provide a short Light Code Activation during or at the end of the session.

Now Is the time to receive your messages about your situation and who to call on for support. They may recommend Sprays of Light for some as well.

Please note that your messages will be heard by others on the video, and people often discover that messages for others are also helpful for them!

The group reading is pre-recorded and delivered by secret link to watch. There is no number to cal into. It is not live. You will submit your single question or topic at check out.

Only those who sign up will receive messages from the Beings of Light.

You may sign up as early as one business day prior. Feel free to check out my Events page to add this event to your calendar.

This group will be kept small, to 10 people or less. It’s amazing how those who gather often have the same theme.

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