Violet Flame Gathering- A Monthly Group Call

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violet flame decrees.jpg

Violet Flame Gathering- A Monthly Group Call

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Saints and spiritual masters of East and West have long used the Violet Flame to accelerate their spiritual development. This once secret knowledge of rapid spiritual acceleration and healing was not revealed to the masses until the 20th century.

The violet flame revitalizes and invigorates us. Also known to change negative energy into positive energy by transforming negative thoughts and feelings. It is a platform for healing.

Want to experience the Violet Flame of Transmutation and see what it can do for you?

Join us monthly on the full moon where we clear karma together where we hold space for one another. You will be bathed in the Violet Flame of Transmutation, the 7th Ray of Light. The Violet Flame was created for your liberation. It clears karma so you don't have to live multiple lifetimes to reach enlightened states. Each member’s participation is anonymous.

You can't step into 5d relationships and realities (like unconditional love) with 3d patternings (codependence, stubbornness.) That's why I created the monthly Violet Flame Full Moon help you shift those old patterns out and bringing in more liberty in your life.

Bring yourself and your list of things to transmute, shift, or release to the call. If you have no list created, that is ok. If you have your VIOLET FLAME Spray of Light, be sure to bring that too!

The full moon is perfect timing for letting go.


The group meditation occurs over the phone and listening via the web is an option.

A good Time Zone Converter can be found here. International toll free numbers are available for the call.

Sessions are NOT available for replay or as a recording afterwards. No recording is permitted during the call. Only those who sign up will receive messages from the Beings of Light.

Please give us one full Business Day to get the call details to you. Feel free to check out my Events page to add this event to your calendar.

This group will be kept small, to 10 people or less. Also, your participation will remain anonymous to other group participants.

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