Messages From The BEings of Light Reading

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Messages From The BEings of Light Reading

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If you would like to receive a message from the BEings of Light, this reading format is for you. Messages can arrive from the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, or other Beings of Light like the Elementals. You can also ask what Ray of Light is assisting you now, which could easily be included in your meditation for self healing.

They can provide insight into situations like love, career, or their favorite is providing general messages because they often answer prayers and questions you’ve spoke to Source about. Being general is often the best case scenario. Just ask a topic. Best not to ask about timelines or predictions. 1:1 sessions are best for very specific questions.


  • MESSAGE FROM A SINGLE BEING OF LIGHT (a shorter length reading)

  • MESSAGES FROM MULTIPLE BEINGS OF LIGHT (longer length reading)

These readings empower you to make choices that are right for you based upon spiritual guidance and higher perspectives given in the reading. If you want to learn how to manifest, we offer a 1:1 session type for that. Please also check out our Videos On Demand for more content.

Follow up questions are not included in this session type. Please order a follow-up reading or 1:1 session if you need clarity afterwards.

Readings are provided by audio recording or written format, delivered straight to your email inbox. Current wait time 12-48 hours.

Have questions? Get in touch with Theresa and her team here.

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