The Atlantis Spray

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The Atlantis Spray


This spray connects you to the times of Atlantis when things were flourishing. If you wish to remember or connect with those times or heal a fear of water or the end of those times, this spray will help. It is infused with the Rays of Light and innate wisdom of Atlantean times. It has helped some help fear of the ocean and others to recall past lives during those times.

At the time that it is sprayed, the BEings of Light (Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Gaia, and more) are called to your side, surrounding you with the Ray of Light they represent, upgrading your frequency and connecting you to Atlantean energy.

This spray is unscented.

Directions: Spray your room or around your auric field (around your body) Some use a splash of it for a healing experience in the bath.

Ingredients: Distilled water, the Rays of Light, and Crystalline Essences (crystals not included in the sale of the bottle.)

Please do not take these sprays or their contents into your physical body.

Refills available upon request. FREE SHIPPING TO THE UNITED STATES. If you are outside of the US, please inquire about shipping rates.

*If you are located on Kauai and wish to coordinate a drop off or pick up in person, contact Theresa here. Kama'aina is available.

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The feedback of those who use these sprays include feeling uplifted, having extraordinary experiences in meditations, began seeing and hearing Angels, and miracles increase in their lives. Everyone's experience is different and often depends on your sensitivities. However, no specific sensitivity or gift is required to experience the benefits of the sprays.

Testimony from Katie (USA):

Theresa has been such a gift in my life.  Her Sprays of Light have been life changing.  When I use each spray, chosen by which one I am guided to for each day, I feel an immediate peace and presence of guidance.  If I'm feeling turmoil, I will use my personal spray and I feel peace as the spray settles on my skin. I feel so grateful to have such an easy tool available to guide and shift my energy and to feel the presence of the angels who are guiding my life.