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Let's Manifest Together for 2019

Happy New Year!

Now Is the time to manifest what you want. To set your goals for the new year and what you would like to experience. To think about the positive things you would like to expand upon having in your life.

One of Theresa’s gifts is that when you share things with her (whether you have the intention to manifest them or not), they will manifest. And quickly. Having others on the call with us magnifies the manifestation ability.

This is not necessarily a class on how to manifest, although some of my secrets will be shared. This event will occur on the eclipse, January 5th at 12pm HST.

This eclipse is SUPER enhanced by a NEW MOON, meaning new beginnings and extra manifestation power at the start of a new year. It is the first month of the year, the first new moon of the year, and the first Saturday of the year.

I will share with you methods I use to that you can try monthly, if you are interested in hearing about this fun practices and intentions. The Angels, Ascended Masters, Your IAM Presence, Spiritual Team, & other BEings of Light will be present for the call.

If you want things to manifest more quickly, this is powerful and definitely for you. Be sure to bring your list of things you would like to manifest. Feel free to recommend to your friends as well!

This group will be kept small, to 10 people or less.


Lots of Love! - Theresa

Later Event: January 5
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