Distance Space Clearing

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Distance Space Clearing


Want to enliven and raise the frequency of the energy of your home, workspace, or personal sanctuary?

A distance space clearing helps with all of that by filling your space with the Rays of Light, specific intentions, and the assistance of the Angels & Beings of Light.

Just as we cleanse a space physically, it is equally important to set positive intentions and bless the space around us. Home blessings provide a balanced, comfortable, and positive environment around you. They are perfect for before and after parties and as regular maintenance for the home.

A Distance Home Blessing helps create the following:

  • Brings in the Angels and Beings of Light into your space

  • Balances the energy in the space and its surrounding areas (like the gardens)

  • Brings in a higher vibration and positive feeling to your home, office, vehicle, or space of choice

  • Blessings of abundance, love, peace, and vitality are provided

  • Better sleep and improvement of relations within the space between the people present

  • Provides lovely atmosphere for gatherings and parties

  • Releases attachments, residual emotions, and energies of the past

  • Protection of your space and those who enter it

  • Quicker sale of a home or attracting a highly desirable tenant

When to purchase a Space Clearing:

  • Weekly or Monthly maintenance for the home

  • Holidays and holiday parties

  • Bringing home a new addition to the family

  • Buying, selling of a home or business

  • Grand Opening of a store or restaurant

  • Moving to a new home (best to cleanse both places)

  • Special Events you are hosting at your home, work place, or space of choice

  • Experiencing negativity, lethargy, unproductiveness, or feeling off in a space

  • Rotation of tenants moving in and out of a home

  • Much more

This service is available at a distance worldwide.  If you have multiple spaces you wish to be blessed, please purchase one blessing for each space. Bulk rates are available. We also provide 30 Days of Light for businesses.

Pairs great with the following sprays:

  • Cleanse & Shield

  • Love

  • Aloha

  • And more…feel free to contact us for a consultation on the sprays

Space clearing sprays and classes are also available upon request. 12 month packages of clearings are available upon request as well.

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