Theresa is a Truth Teller, a Lightworker, an Intuitive Guide and Teacher of the Rays of Light located on the beautiful island of Kauai, an island located in the middle of the Pacific where all of the Rays of Light and souls enter and depart Planet Earth. These Rays of Consciousness and EnLIGHTenment she works with are pure Source Energy traveling from the Great Central Sun (Source) to and throughout the Cosmos. Sometimes the very small number currently incarnated on the planet who bring this Light to the Cosmos for the process of Ascension are called Melchizedeks. Theresa (pronounced TAH-RAY-SAH) translates in Light Language to "Bringer/Bearer of the Rays of Light/Consciousness." These are the Aurora Founder Rays. This is the original meaning of a Lightworker. Theresa teaches about these Rays, the Angelic Realms, and provides Light Transmissions for personal transformation worldwide - specializing in Collective (Group) Energy. Her lineage of healing and Lightwork comes through multiple lineages of healers and Lightworkers. On a soul level, this service has been provided since the inception of herself and her counterpart as creators working on behalf of Source.

Two things she create and to live her purpose in aiding others to become their best selves. Often this creativity is channeled through offerings for you in ways that bring joy to all involved, especially creating customized packages with suggestions on tools that excited you as channeled from Spirit, who assists in what to provide you that would help you grow. Her ideal person to work with is empowered with kindness, gentleness, a passion for helping others and an understanding of the importance of balancing work with self-care. Of course they resonate with the Angels, Ascended Masters, and the Rays of Light. This kind of person is also a professional of the healing arts (intuitives, healers, spiritual mentors) who wish to bring tools of the Light to the world and have a dedicated service contract aligned with the Light that includes personal spiritual growth.

You can find her monthly Energy Updates videos on YouTube that help you understand what Rays of Light are entering the planet and the opportunities for humanity to shift. Her intention in providing these videos is to make it easier to understand what is happening and shifting in your life so you can better navigate it. Theresa didn't learn what she knows through books, and helps you to remember and awaken your own inner gifts in her sessions. This work is for the spiritually advanced, and we screen for compatibility. Also, make no mistake…just because she works with Angels, it does not mean she puts up with BS.

You may have heard of the Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Children sometimes referred to as the Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Races. These Races are in truth, Rays of Light, each of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Races are represented as/by a Ray of Light that these souls are born into, or come from when birthed from Source via the Aurora. There is a reason some want race to be an issue here on this planet. It is to cause separation, rather than UNITY. The Rays can never truly be separated. It was all an illusion of the misuse of power (and power is represented of one of the Rays of Light) and the most important Universal law, the Universal Law of Free Will Choice. You see a lot of this coming up for reclamation within the masses now.

Most of this and what Theresa offers, resonate with progressive individuals interested in raising their frequency and embodying their higher selves (Ascension). Theresa guides you from a place of Spiritual Truth towards the fulfillment of your own Divine Potential. She is a leader and protector of others, which entails the wisdom of justice and mercy. She has the intuitive ability to recognize Truth of Spirit and helps others hear the way a shaman hears, with the soul. Those interested in learning the details of the wisdom of the Rays of Light are carefully screened because this knowledge has a history of abuse for the purpose of human mis-creation. The planet is headed into a new direction and time is up for mishandling of power and knowledge.

If you're curious and like storytelling, Theresa loves to share creation the universe and humanity were formed and events that impacted different civilizations here, all from personal memory. She also loves to share about stories of personal exchanges with the Angels and Ascended Masters, what their personalities are like, and how they like to make you laugh (they love puns and irony.) This history she shares has bearing on what is happening today on the planet and how the Beings of Light are here supporting humanity through this Big Shift and Time of Remembering.

If you would like to work 1:1 with Theresa please click here. Our team will respond with a channeled solution from the Beings of Light. Sometimes only one session is needed and that is ok. If you want only one session, please mention that in your submission. If you are interested in multiple things, please let us know.

A package favorite:

  • 30 Days of Light

  • 1 or more 60 min 1:1 Sessions with Theresa

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