She is truthful, caring, grateful. Her sprays are amazing. -Jodie (USA)

My daughter received her package with The Love Spray and The Boogie Man Spray yesterday (I did not know she ordered the Love spray only the Boogie Man for my grandson) & upon getting home last night I noticed an instant change in her demeanor. I asked what was different and she said "Funny you should ask" and tells me about her sprays arriving yesterday. She said, "The best part, she hand writes notes and the spray is designed for me to love me and I'm ready for some self love". She had a beautiful glow to her. Thank you. Excited to receive my own set of sprays. With love and peace. -Jodie (USA)


Just wanted to share with you that I love your sprays. They are amazingly helpful that after I sprayed the abundance spray on a lottery ticket, we WON! -Jennifer (USA)

After our 1:1 Manifestation Session and working together dreaming up a new place to live, a studio for my work, and new friends...I found a place beyond my dreams within the budget! I wasn't even asking for a 2 bedroom but I came at a time they were holding a special where I could get the 2 bedrooms same price as most of the one bedrooms I was looking at not even as near as nice. I move next month!!! I've already met some wonderful people as we discussed just visiting this weekend to view and sign for my new place and they are open to me holding yoga, meditations, and other classes on the apartment community park next to the river as donation based! - Caroline (USA)


I am so grateful! Yesterday I had the flu and could barely sit up in bed. Today I am feeling much better, not sick, just really tired. Feel like I'm releasing a lot I hope. Thank you very much for sending me Light by distance! - Elizabeth (USA)


Theresa has been such a gift in my life.  Her Sprays of Light have been life changing.  When I use each spray, chosen by which one I am guided to for each day, I feel an immediate peace and presence of guidance.  If I'm feeling turmoil, I will use my personal spray and I feel peace as the spray settles on my skin. I feel so grateful to have such an easy tool available to guide and shift my energy and to feel the presence of the angels who are guiding my life. - Katie (USA)


I would like to share here with you my experience of the multiple Angelic Blessings that I purchased in December around the holidays. A few moments after the purchase, I could already feel the healing energy arrive, and I started to receive inner guidance and epiphanies precisely about what I wanted clarity on. I also received tangible signs of angelic presence by my side! My mother didn't crave any nicotine or alcohol like she usually does and I noticed she wore colors of the Angelic Rays of Light that were around us. This experience was amazing and I would recommend Theresa's Angelic Blessings to any person who any person reading my testimonial. -Gwen (Switzerland)


The first day of receiving the Rays of Light,  I laid down and easily slipped into a meditative state. I could feel a gentle flowering in my heart chakra, which I didn't expect since I always expect heart chakra openings to hurt. This didn't hurt at all, it almost felt like I was floating on water and my chest was one of those lotus flowers and someone was gently opening the leaves. I got into the state between sleep and awake and felt a sweet presence around me. The flowering continued and gently expanded throughout my body. Soon after that I fell asleep. Each night after, I would meditate and then almost immediately fall asleep. I did dream, but I only remember one... where I was a mermaid who was saving humans. - Lauren (USA)


Thank you, Theresa! So appreciate your support this month with the 30 Days of Light. I do feel calmer. Also, with regard to abundance, I find myself celebrating the little shifts and flows, no matter how small. I feel certain this will support me as I move forward on my journey. - Dawn (USA)


All I can say is WOWWW.... amazing experience this 30 Days of Light service. My psychic abilities came rushing back in full force; everything was crystal clear. I knew what your and Doreen Virtue’s cards were going to be, something like 12 hours before they were published. My dreams have been mostly super clear messages, from questions about my twin to what has been causing this weird acne the past 6 months or so. I would like to do it on a regular basis. Thank you for all you do! - Laura (Israel)


I purchased the Angel Blessing for sleep on a whim during a night of some intense insomnia. The medicine wasn't working and I thought why not? I had literally tried everything. Within minutes, I felt sleepy and laid down. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and it was morning. I haven't had a better night's rest in some time. I'm so grateful to be sleeping through the night now. Best $11 I have ever spent. - Carrie (Argentina)


One of my most favorite things about her is how she tells stories and the ones that she tells during what would otherwise seem like tangents are divinely guided to be told to provide answers to questions that I have not even asked yet but planned to. Her stories share how she learned from the experience I am going through and because of that I find her so relatable. Her 1:1 Sessions and Live Events are like hanging out with friends and I feel understood. Those group containers are Divinely orchestrated and simply divine. -Grace (USA)


If you are ready for some shifting, Theresa is the one to go to. I love her enthusiasm. I was just writing in my journal questioning my block with my partner and then I read her recent post on social media about emotional honesty. Now I know! She is a beautiful gift, and I am beyond appreciative. - Christina (Canada)


I can vouch for noticing a HUGE difference in feeling peace and being grounded just one day after using the Hara Line Alignment Technique. I recommend this class! - Jean (USA)


The biggest things I've noticed with the 30 Days of Light would be the eating and drinking differently..I haven't had any cravings for soda or even sugar and for me that's a huge deal. I also can't seem to get enough water. I haven't had the urge to drink any alcohol either, which used to be a part of my weekend dinners with friends etc. Thanks for everything! -Natalie (USA)


My experience with Theresa in intuitive and Light sessions have been life changing. I feet safe, understood, and guided through my challenges in a beautiful atmosphere of breath and depth of knowledge as well as incredible humility and sense of humour. Recently, I had a Light session with her which was incredibly touching and helped me move into a peaceful, balanced and loving space. I am grateful for her kindness, humility, and honesty. I am looking forward to learning more in our spiritual mentoring sessions with her. Wherever you are on your journey, she will help you navigate safely towards your goals. - Magdalena (Australia)


Signing up for the 30 Days of Light was one of the best and most wonderful decision I've made. I had been struggling with being able to just feel and be in my own energy and as such was having trouble sleeping, feeling centered, and keeping my heart open. Throughout the 30 days, Theresa had helped me with all of that. My heart is open to love again, I sleep like a baby, and I wake up feeling so much peace and can go through the day enjoying my own energy. Thank you, Theresa! -Jackie (USA)


Sure love those 3 Card Reading videos on YouTube! I so enjoy her readings for she is a sweetie and a no-nonsense real talent! - Sheila (USA)


Compassionate, clear, authentic. Provides a supportive, safe space to tap into guidance in a loving, direct way. I am so grateful to have Theresa be a guide on my journey. - Rob (USA)


Ever since beginning to use the Angelic Scanning Technique, I have felt soooo calm. Even with situations and people who I would normally not be so calm in. I handle them in a much more relaxed, loving, calm manner. That is huge for me! I am able to bring myself back down from a 10 back down to a 1 or 2 in the matter of a few minutes, if that. I have felt more grounded and centered than I did with my normal morning grounding routine. I could go on and on, but it seriously is amazing and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn this healing method.  -Natalie (USA)


Theresa's Light transmissions came at the perfect time. I immediately felt a sense of calm and lightness when she began the transmission. She removed my endometriosis pain.  And, even more impressively, I actually saw my home fill with a white angelic mist as she performed the session. It was easy to tell that my Angels were near. Thank you, Theresa, for a wonderful healing. - Maya (USA)


I'd like to report that last night after the first night of Light transmissions,  I had a full nights sleep and woke up very energized. I cannot tell you the last time I slept without waking up a gazillion times. Today i felt very relaxed and calm all day is great!!!! - LaQuisha (China) Her gifts and compassion will help guide you through. - Adrienne (USA)


The Light transmission sessions were very helpful. After the first day, my elderly friend was unable to even speak and now she is having conversations and saying she feels much better. Thank you so much! -David (USA)


I wanted to say thank you because your recent Instagram post because it came at just the right time. I was struggling with a situation, so I did a reading on myself that said to have faith that everything would be solved yet could not control my doubt and thoughts. I was praying for faith and opened my Instagram and your post with Angel Faith  was the fist thing I saw! I took this as a sign. Thank you! - Aleksander (USA)


Over the 30 Days of Light, I noticed that it became a lot easier to put herself first in terms of self care. It feels easier to stop and rest . I also am able to enjoy myself more because usually I go nonstop at everything. Something else is that I find it easier to pass on sweets in times of stress than normal. I recommend this package for those who wish to see things gently shift in their favor in life. Thank you so much for the Light energy, Theresa. -Dawn (USA) 


I have not felt this calm and peaceful in I can't remember when and my mind it is ALWAYS racing. For once it was still...that doesn't happen very often. Loved every minute of this Monthly Angelic Healing Meditation. -Natalie (USA)


The Light Transmission sessions with Theresa were absolutely amazing and divine! There was so much healing and insights going on that I had trouble receiving it all at times and had to go back to it again and again. I think she is a fantastic gift to humanity and an amazing healer. I recommend her to anyone for their personal growth. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. -S.S. (UK)


Wonderful Angelic Prayer Session from Theresa. Beautiful sleep & beautiful energies. Thank you. -Karen (Argentina)


Things have definitely been intense for me and not long after ordering the Light sessions, I felt a shift in energy ... like I had walked through a wall of electricity. And I'd like to add that I now feel like I am relaxing in a warm bath...just an hour earlier I was in tears over some childhood stuff. Thank you so much! - Angela (USA)


I participated in one of Theresa's Distant Light Transmission sessions one night, and I was blown away. It was starting at 2 am my time, and I had stayed up and went to bed maybe 1 minute before she started. I had just but laid down, when it was almost like someone tapped my third eye...and a shortly thereafter I felt the energies starting to flow. Very shortly after this, I felt the same feeling in my crown, as if someone had tapped my head and then that energy started flowing. I fell asleep after this, and woke up feeling very clear and calm. I had some specific things I asked to have released and healed, and I have to say I feel very connected and relieved afterwards. Thank you Theresa, this was a wonderful experience! -Barbro (Sweden)


Outstanding healing experience!!! I loved it. I feel good. -Isaac (UK)


So happy I found her YouTube channel! Beyond Love and Appreciation for her, her time, and her talents! - Christina (Canada)


I just want to say that the 30 Days of Light was a real blessing for me.  It made me feel very supported during what feels like chaotic times. - Elena (USA)


I took the Angelic Scanning Technique – A Healing Method webinar and started to use the technique once a day before sleep. The next day, after using the technique for the first time, I felt a difference. I felt lighter and my mood was more even. Throughout the first week of using it, I noticed interactions at my work were very light-hearted and humorous. Half way into the week, I took the Aligning Your Hara Line webinar and immediately started using this technique. The next day (if I’d think it was possible) my energy and outer reflection shifted even more. My confidence was boosted and strangers engaged with me pleasantly (and this rarely occurs). I’m had felt very un-grounded lately and these techniques make me feel so much more stable, while I still feel I have a strong connection to Source. Also, a surprising benefit, I notice my skin looks better and that I’m "glowing" more. For a long time now, I’ve worked hard to stay positive while going through a lot of shifts and personal transformation. Theresa's techniques takes the hard work out of transformation. It lifted my energy almost unbelievingly fast so the shifts seemed effortless. I am so grateful for Theresa for sharing these tools! They are priceless. - Jean (USA)